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Angels Park

Madison Bank of Maryland strives to positively influence the communities where we live and work. Keeping this goal in mind, Madison Bank has purchased a tot therapeutic swing for Angel Park that is located next to Perry Hall Library (9685 Honeygo Blvd., Perry Hall, MD 21128). Angel Park was built to be an all-inclusive playground and amphitheater facility.

Angel Park incorporates the designs and ideas of local children and artists. It was built and supported by the community and provides a unique destination to be enjoyed by all families for years to come. It is more than a memorial park; it is a special place for children, families and friends.



Madison Bank MasterMoney Debit Card - Leaving the U.S.?

We are serious about doing all we can to protect you from debit card fraud. That is why we are asking you to notify us when you plan to travel outside the United States. With proper notification, we will make sure you are able to use your card internationally. This is just one of the many ways we are working to help protect you from fraud.